1. PRP
    01 Mar, 2017
    Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is generally the day that I go to the track (generally because it varies according to how my body feels, however most Wednesdays I am there). Instead of going to the track I ran 12 hilly miles and then I went to get a PRP shot. Why? well,  about four weeks ago (the week of Mercedes Benz Half Marathon) I went out for a run before heading to Alabama. I noticed that my right achilles was hurting a little but I thought "must be the socks I am wearing" (note that i have
  2. 28 Feb, 2017
    If life gives you lemons...
    I love running. I really do. Every time I have to take time off and then I come back I just remember why I run. Not for the medals, not for the PR's, not for anything like that (although sometimes I forget and start getting the wrong reasons being more important than the real reason why I run). I run because it makes me happy. I have been on a roll up to the beginning of February. I have been doing my best workouts, running faster than ever, feeling better than ever. I remember seeing the elite
  3. Are your goals setting you back?
    25 Feb, 2017
    Are your goals setting you back?
    We think we are doing it right. We set goals. We write them on paper. We train thinking of them. We approach our big event and sometimes instead of having our goals giving us confidence or feeling motivated, we get nervous, we second guess ourselves and we end up getting frustrated and with a lower self confidence than when we started. Or we have our goals and we get so obsessed with them (the end result) that instead of having our goals motivating us they control us. Sounds familiar? The
  4. Finding blessings
    20 Feb, 2017
    Finding blessings
    I am writing this blog on a Monday (two days before my 45th birthday!) and I realize this week I should be tapering for a half marathon I have been preparing for. But, instead, I am on mandatory rest because I have pneumonia (I am on the mend).  Two weeks ago I started not feeling good. Kevin and Kori had the flu so I thought I may be getting it as well. I took all the medicine I could find, I meditated, I rested as much as I could and I went to Alabama where I raced on a fever. This, of
  5. Who are you letting into your inner circle?
    14 Feb, 2017
    Who are you letting into your inner circle?
    It is human nature to want to be with other people. It is crucial to our well being to choose wisely the people we surround ourselves with. From the moment we are born we are surrounded by people: our parents, siblings, family. Then we go to school and we make friends. We choose to be with other people most of our lives, whether it is for hours at a time (friends, co workers, family members) or for longer than that. There is nothing better than to share a special moment with someone you love (I
  6. Lessons to learn for running and life
    12 Feb, 2017
    Lessons to learn for running and life
    As I am waiting for my flight to go back home, I realize I have enough time to write about the lesson learned today. It doesn’t matter if we are looking for a lesson or not, when we need to learn something life will find a way to teach you. Now, we can resist it and choose to play victim of our circumstances (complain, don’t understand why things happen to us, not even seeing that something happen!) or we can realize that the circumstances we are facing are here for a better purpose. I raced
  7. Steps to overcome a setback
    10 Feb, 2017
    Steps to overcome a setback
    Giving up on your goal because of one set back is like slashing your other three tires because one got a flat.  And while getting a flat and not being able to get to our destination when we want to is frustrating, it doesn't mean we will never get there or this will be the end of the road. I remember one Summer day in Arizona (keep in mind a summer Arizona day is more like being in hell). I was in Flagstaff with my daughter Kori and her friend Petra (they were about 8 and 6 at the time). I had
  8. Aprender a confiar en uno mismo
    31 Oct, 2016
    Aprender a confiar en uno mismo
    “Si buscas las estrellas únicamente alcanzaras las estrellas. Si, en cambio, buscas el cielo, las estrellas vendrán por añadidura” En repetidas ocasiones hemos escuchado que no hay límites en esta vida, que todo está a nuestro alcance; que podemos lograr todo aquello que nuestra mente sea capaz de conseguir. Es cierto, el poder de la mente es infinito y es la mente la que crea nuestra realidad. Lo que tenemos, lo que vivimos, lo que somos, es producto de nuestros pensamientos y del cómo nos
  9. Cinco pasos para lograr todo lo que te propongas
    21 Oct, 2016
    Cinco pasos para lograr todo lo que te propongas
    Estamos ya mas allá de la mitad del año  y es un buen momento para reflexionar sobre aquello que nos propusimos para el  2016. Hemos logrado algunas de las metas que nos propusimos? Estamos en el camino para hacerlo? O de plano tuvimos algún tropiezo, momentos difíciles y las abandonamos? Sea cual sea tu situación particular, siempre es buen momento para para hacer un alto, revisar qué es lo que queríamos lograr y ver donde estamos en el proceso.  El tener metas es importante porque así
  10. How to create success in your life
    19 Oct, 2016
    How to create success in your life
    Success is a tricky word.For some people it may mean one thing and for other people a complete different one. For me, success is aligned with being happy, being healthy, have a happy family and help other people. Much like happiness, for me success is being in the present moment and accepting things the way they are instead of wanting them to be different. Of course, success can mean a completely different thing for everybody else. What is true for everybody is that if we have the right mindset
  11. Easy steps to have a happier day
    13 Oct, 2016
    Easy steps to have a happier day
    There’s so much negativity in the world right now. It’s important that you understand how significant the little things are in life and how they impact your overall level of happiness on a daily basis. I remember a time in my life when I was very unhappy. I didn't know I was that unhappy, I just know I used to complain a lot, I used to get upset when things didn't work out my way... and one day I asked a friend how was she doing and her answer was "magnificent. Everything is wonderful, my life
  12. Coming back from injuries
    06 Oct, 2016
    Coming back from injuries
    When I started to run I noticed many differences with the way I used to train when I swam. there weren't as many drills. Technique was important but not the key element of training. Speed work was not something we would do every day. Location for running could change to trail, pavement or track whereas the pool os pretty much the same (just long course or short course). And, the most important one, running was harder on my body than swimming.  I am not trying to compare both sports for they both
  13. As long as I can breathe
    04 Oct, 2016
    As long as I can breathe
    Before I start I want to apologize for not blogging for the past week. I had a marathon on the weekend and I just got caught up with a ton of things to do before leaving town. Then I deliberately decided to leave my computer at home so I could focus on -finally!- resting for a day and a half before the race. I generally am very anal when it comes to racing and training, but I have learned to let go of things I can't control. Going to Rio not knowing if I was going to race or not was a huge
  14. Embrace Uncertainty and Let go of Control
    20 Sep, 2016
    Embrace Uncertainty and Let go of Control
    I used to think I was always in control. I had a plan, I would follow the plan. I made goals, I believed in my goals and I was sure they will happen... when I wanted them to happen. Then life came by and reminded me: Yes, you need to have goals. Yes, if you believe in them and you make anything under your power to make them happen, they will... but, you are not in charge of WHEN. As I learned this lesson something happened: I started living more at ease and I started to relax more knowing that
  15. Exercise, snack smart and stay motivated this upcoming week
    17 Sep, 2016
    Exercise, snack smart and stay motivated this upcoming week
    EXERCIZE TO ENERGIZE A friend of mine tried this workout in order to gain strength and she ended up losing 5 kilos (about 11 pounds). The key was consistency (As in everything!). Try it for yourself these two weeks and let us know your results!!! It has five days worth of workouts for the week, feel free to modify the days in the way that works better for you. MOTIVATION Raise Your Endurance. We tend to give up on goals when we don’t see results. Some people give up when they don’t see
  16. Essential Running Gear
    14 Sep, 2016
    Essential Running Gear
    Let’s face it:  running is a sport that shouldn’t require a lot of investment (after all, you only need any kind of shoes to go for a run, Right???), but I am sure if I ask around most of us have invested more than what we want to realize… I have found that when I began running I ended up spending money (yes, spending, not investing) in gear I didn’t really need or ended up not using, but I have also found that I have made really good investments in gear and products that are pretty much
  17. How to be the best version of yourself today
    12 Sep, 2016
    How to be the best version of yourself today
    This morning as I was coaching I realized I was not at my best. I am generally "on", I make jokes and have fun with the swimmers, and, most importantly, I feel like I am present watching each one of their strokes and correcting them so they can be better swimmers. Today, I just felt off. I don't know if I was tired from my long run yesterday (21miles at 88F kinda get you) or if the waking up in the wee hours is getting me. I just know I was there but I was not present. That's when I remembered
  18. Elimina el estres de tu vida
    11 Sep, 2016
    Elimina el estres de tu vida
    He tenido oportunidad en diferentes ocasiones de encontrarme con personas que piensan que están enfermas cuando, en realidad, lo único que tienen es ansiedad y estrés. Pensandolo bien, la ansiedad y el estres son enfermedades pues afectan tu cuerpo, tu mente y tu calidad de vida. Yo misma he sufrido de esto. Hace un par de anos pasaba mucho tiempo en el doctor porque creia estar enferma. Cuando le dije mis síntomas me di cuenta que lo único que tenia era que no le he dado a mi cuerpo y a mi
  19. Adelantate al juego
    10 Sep, 2016
    Adelantate al juego
    Es un principio moral general que mientras más poder se tiene sobre una persona, mayor será nuestro deber a usar ese poder benévolamente. Ahora, ¿Quién es la persona en el mundo sobre la que tienes el mayor poder? Es tu mismo, tu YO futuro. Tu mantienes esa vida en tus manos, y lo que será de tu vida depende de cómo estas cuidandote ahora, de como estas actuando ahora, de lo que estas hacienda ahora. Recuerda: Lo que eres ahora (lo que tienes, lo que vives, lo que sientes, como te ves) es
  20. Getting ahead of the game
    10 Sep, 2016
    Getting ahead of the game
    It's a general moral principle that the more power you have over someone, the greater your duty is to use that power benevolently. Well, who is the one person in the world you have the greatest power over? It's your future self. You hold that life in your hands, and what it will be depends on how you care for it. Remember: What you are right now (the way you look, the way you live, the way  you feel, the things you have) is a product of the decisions you made in the past. But what you are doing